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Here are a couple of really fine productions, which were something special in the course of a month .  


Very quirky, very funny, very emotional, particularly, especially... 


Fundraiser of Radio R. SA  


Emotional teaser, but not too much. Perfectly blended and tuned by Guido. Lovin' it. 

 Airport Announcement  


Pre-show opener for the cabaret artist Christoph Sonntag. Strongly exaggerated. Over-the-top and politically incorrect. 

Private "Thank You"-message via WhatsApp  


For the selfless spreading of chocolate to children a particularly nice person was surprised with a "greeting from Santa Claus" on WhatsApp. 


True crime cases by Radio Charivari  


A whole series of spooky crimes in Franconia, produced together with the criminal police division of Nuremberg, and Radio Charivari 98.6.   

In January of 2020: "The vampire of Nuremberg"  



Emotion & e-motion: Storytelling at it's best  


The films in this series initially lead astray, but in a wonderful way to a happy end. A little patience, then the series is broadcasted Europe-wide. 

Wine is love 


The patriachale tone is fine selected. It's not about noisy modern trends, but it's about the pride of generations: wine. made in the old way.

Club Night Event  


Contrast program! Hard dance club-teaser, instead of a fine cultural tone. Make sense. Especially if a man is still allowed to sound like a man: deep, strong. Because real men were, are and will always remain so. 

now my absolute favorite



Together with Harald Werth by perfect phone free Corona-related  telephone messages were produced and provided. For this, we were both named "Styrian of the day" in the Kleine Zeitung newspaper on 17 March 2020.

Great honor. Thank you.

Ewig ruft die Weite (Call of Eternity) 



The new audiobook by Stefan Hertrich and Irina Yashina. Modern, philosophical thoughts about freedom in life and thereafter. Spoken by me. Available at hertrich-yashina.de